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I was in the city recently and the humans were hurrying and scurrying to and fro in their automobiles, trying to hit as many opioid levers as possible within the time allotted away from their technological cells. It was after all Memorial Day weekend, a time to honor those that have danced before us on life’s stage, doing the work of the universe, if only for a brief moment in time’s long expanse. The technological metabolism buzzes, time passes in kinetic energy spent, but it seems people are caught in a never-ending loop of work/reward/boredom that usurps almost every conscious moment of their lives. As one reward loses its effect another one pops into their heads and off they go to fulfill their desire for “happiness.” Rinse and repeat. The endless hours toiling in the technological cells becomes the means to acquire the rewards of which they will soon tire. But what else is a biological organism to do with its newly acquired surfeit of energy and resources and its restless and ecosystem-annihilating brain? Try to find satisfaction? Even the billionaire finds no satisfaction and will sooner or later be swept from the stage without that long sought eternal life of a cancerous HeLa cell. If humans found satisfaction, they wouldn’t last long in the competitive arena of survival of the fittest. The most successful conduits are those that process the most energy and turn it into copies of themselves. But the realm of possibilities for rewards conjured-up by our brains is almost infinite and we become very dissatisfied when anything, including lesser amounts of fossil fuels, pollution controls, wage arbitrage and automation lessen the amount of dopa-dollars we can put in our pockets at the end of each work week. Satisfying those infinite desires for reward within an finite ecosystem body is what civilization is all about. Like a human cellular cancer, the civilizational cancer has been released from all inhibitions as it attempts infinite growth within the ordered system from which it arose.

Now that the technological cancer has been stalling a bit there’s only one thing to do, “Make America Great Again. The British would like to do the same thing, relive the past to obtain vast amounts of wealth from overseas colonies and the Germans tried it too, to make Germany great again after the losses during WWI. And what was so great about these countries at their zeniths? It wasn’t their peaceful ways. No. I think it was their willingness to use technological advances to dominate lesser developed areas. The wherewithal to force other nations and colonies to fork it over or else. A technological head-start from the use of fossil fuels resulted in weaponry against which there was no defense. Commander Perry sailing into Tokyo Bay was very much on a mission to intimidate a a foreign nation into transacting business with the United States, one of the first “economic hit men.” For instance today the United States, the empire du jour consumes about 25% of world GDP with 5% of the world’s population, supposedly due to freedom and democracy, but more likely related to the petrodollar. This percentage must fall as other nations develop and compete for limited and decreasing resources. In their own defense, some nations may simply decide to slow exports of oil and save it for domestic consumption regardless of the pressures and sanctions imposed by the West. Without a doubt the hearty beef stew of material rewards experienced for many decades n the West will soon become the tasteless gruel of poverty as experienced in Greece and Venezuela.

But what the hell, you’ve saved a few dopa-dollars, those not taken by taxation, health insurance, an oversized house mortgage or related theft. Imagine a reward and go blow the dollars and get your metabolic buzz going, it’s what nature is all about. Nature is also about deception, warfare, disease, famine, extinction, death and other eventualities, but humans are dissipative structures, conduits, and their course is set by a compass of desire whose dopamine and opioid needle always points them in a rewarding direction. The more energy and resources you blow, the more successful you are. Nature says so. “Ahhh, the good life.” Perhaps instead of a Mars Mission or Super-Ziggarut project we should be making final arrangements.

Humans, in their self-proclaimed greatness are intrinsically flawed. Humans are no longer a successful species but rather a component in a wildly successful cancer. Seven-billion RNA packed into cells turning out product and tool to be used against the ecosystem and each other at the fastest rate possible. The most successful species on Earth? Not so. No longer a species like the others, but rather an RNA in a rapidly expanding technological cancer. Humans and their technological civilizations, like cellular cancers, are eating the body which hosts their existence.

Humans don’t want to exist on an equal footing with the other organisms because their “live forever” myth falls apart when other animals are included. To live forever a human must follow the moral code that evolved with and is a basis of civilization, the religious creed, the ten commandments, the group think of the tribe, cooperation, social behavior. This moral behavior moderated by the medial prefrontal cortex was one of the evolutionary doors we had to pass through to exist in large cooperative groups which could take advantage of various economies of scale and specializations. In other words, “Be nice and we’ll all be rewarded.” But we’re not nice to everyone, just the in-group, and the many millions of species within the ecosystem are not within our “moral” in-group. We are civilized and civilization brings rewards (as long as your not in a different tribe.) It’s all right to not be civilized to the out-groups. They are not the chosen ones that will go to heaven. They are not technological. But isn’t technology just a rapid means to destroying the system from which it arose? Isn’t the entire ecosystem just another gradient to be reduced? And if technological civilization successfully destroys life and spins off into space, what purpose could it serve that the ecosystem did not already fill. Different materials, different designs, but the same phenomenon, reproducing conduits with no other purpose than to eliminate gradients and radiate heat into space.

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