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Alexander Herzen

As a rule, children are attached to servants. Parents, especially russian parents, forbid this intimacy, but the children do not obey orders, because they are bored in the drawing-room and happy in the pantry. I find it impossible to imagine that our servant’s hall was a worse place for children than our morning-room or smoking-room. It is true that children pick up coarse expressions and bad manners in the company of servants; but in the drawing-room they learne coarse ideias and bad feelings.

Childhood, Youth and Exile, Translated by J. D. Duff

The heart usually melts and softens in consequence of deep scars, of scorched wings, of acknowledged downfalls; in consequence of the fear that makes a man cold all over when, alone and without witnesses, he begins to suspect what a weak, vile creature he is. His heart grows gentler; as he wipes away the sweat of shame and horror, afraid of an eye-witness, he seeks justification for himself and finds it for another. From that moment the part of judge, of executioner, inspires aversion in him.
In those days I was far from that.

Ends and Beginnings, Translated by Constance Garnett.

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